Pinto 2019 Playoffs [6-Team Single Elimination]

Note: Any Rain-Outs may push the schedule back a day. This schedule will change, so please check back daily. The higher seed will be the home team and occupy the 3rd base dugout.

  Bulls - 12(Seed 1)    
  Wed 6/26 6pm@MDW G3 Bulls - 9(Winner G3)  
Lake Monsters (Seed 4)      
Mon 6/24 6pm@GR2 G1 Lake Monsters - 8(Winner G1)    
Raptors (Seed 5)      
    Fri 6/28 7:45pm@OR1 G5 Bulls(Winner G6)
Hot Rods (Seed 3)      
Mon 6/24 6pm@MDW G2 Hot Rods(Winner G2)    
Tin Caps (Seed 6)      
  Wed 6/26 6pm@GR2 G4 Thunder - 0(Winner G4)  
  Thunder  (Seed 2)  



SIP Sipley
MDW Meadowview
JA2 Janes 2 NE
GR2 Goodrich 2
OR1 Orchard 1
OR2 Orchard 2