Warriors Team 2023

Woodridge Travel Baseball

Are you interested In playing part-time travel baseball in addition to the regular WAA in-house season? The Woodridge Warrior Program is for you!

Our mission is to  provide players from our in-house program the opportunity to play in a part-time travel program during the regular in-house season. This program is perfect for those players interested in playing more competitive baseball in addition to their in-house league.

Age of Teams:  11U additional teams are dependent on player & coach interest)

Reach out to Matt Swade for interest in 11U Warriors

Player Selection Process:  All WAA players who are registered for the in-house baseball program have the opportunity to try out. Tryout dates are expected in early August.

Length of Season:  April through the end of June; the part-time travel season coexists with the regular in-house season. 

Game Schedule: In addition to the in-house schedule; the travel games are played as part of the Chicagoland Sunday Baseball League (CSBL).  CSBL games are generally played on Sundays, but may have the occasional Wednesday/Friday nights.

Tournaments: Warriors participate in two to three weekend tournaments during the season (dependent on player & coach interest).