Sandlot Baseball Games 6U/7U/8U

6U/7U/8U Sandlot Baseball Games

Please sign-up for the 6U/7U/8U Sandlot Game to be played weekly on Thursday's starting 8/13/2020 at Meadowview Field. The idea of this Sandlot Game is to keep our kids playing ball throughout the summer and have fun as well as advance their skills in preparation for next season. This game will be run by volunteers who have been background checked by the WAA. There will be 24 first come first serve slots per week. Sign-Ups for the next game will open the day after the Thursday game.

To play in this game you must:

  • Have registered in the WAA
  • Would have played at the Pinto Level in the 2020 Season or will be transitioning from Instructional to Pinto in the 2021 season.
  • Plan to play Pinto ball in 2021

Modified Pinto rules:

  • Pinto Rules
  • Coaches will pitch
  • Coach Umpired
  • Coaches will catch
  • Need Batting Helmet w/Facemask, glove, bat
  • Still working out some details. May change a few things on the fly to see what works best.


Sandlot Sign-Up