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Date Day Time Visitor Home Field Type Status Umps
5/16/2018 Wednesday 5:45P Glen Ellyn White Sox Timber Rattlers Orchard 3 Game Completed UrbanD 


Box Score 

Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Glen Ellyn White Sox010161200 1140 
Timber Rattlers621330000 15110 

Timber Rattlers

Game Summary   Timber Rattlers
Offensive Summary:
  3B: McGinley
  2B: McGinley
  1B: Swan(2), McGinley, Reiken, Whitman
  BB: Diddia(3), Imrisek(3), Whitman(3), McGinley, Reiken, Wielgosz
  HBP: Wielgosz
Defensive Summary:
  pK: McGinley(10), Imrisek(3), Whitman

Hitting Stats   Timber Rattlers

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Pitching Stats   Timber Rattlers

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Fielding Stats   Timber Rattlers

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Scheduling Notes:     GameID=30274
05/12/2018 07:33A Dave Whitman: Status Changed To - Rain Out
05/12/2018 07:33A Dave Whitman: Game Details- Game [Rain Out]: 5/12/2018 9:00A at Orchard 3 - Glen Ellyn White Sox vs Timber Rattlers [Umps: OF(P)U ]
05/13/2018 09:55A Jason Malatia: Game Rescheduled To- Game [TBP r]: 5/16/2018 5:45P at Orchard 3 - Glen Ellyn White Sox vs Timber Rattlers
05/16/2018 08:47P Dave Whitman: Status Changed To - Completed
Drew Urban umpired as official finders didn't show. I double checked with Dave and this is what happened:

'Our home game on Saturday was rained out. On Sunday, I emailed TJ once I was notified that our game was rescheduled for Wednesday, I also sent a follow up to TJ yesterday morning.

Since TJ has always been great responding quickly, I texted him as I thought something seemed odd. As I feared, TJ said he never received my emails, and tried for more than a few hours to find an ump to no avail so at 4:00, I reached out to Andrew in a last ditch effort. TJ was informed of this and relieved we were able to find someone.'

Drew has done this once before for us. We should pay him $55 for umping the game (this is going rate).

05/18/2018 08:31A Robert Jilek:
05/19/2018 06:44P: Scheduled Umpires: Ump1=UrbanD