FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions 

What Does the WAA Supply?

For the Spring Baseball Season, the WAA Supplies a baseball hat, team jersey and baseball socks (all of which the player gets to keep).  These items are distributed to players by their managers usually around mid-April.  Players must supply baseball pants, a glove/mitt, batting helmet and protective cup for boys.  Bats and catcher's gear will be provided to each team to use, but players are welcome to use their own as well.

When is Registration?  When are Teams Picked?  When do Practices and Games Start?  When Does the Season End?

For the Spring Baseball Season: 

  • Walk-In Registration is held in January (usually two dates). 
  • Tryouts for Division-1 and Tournament Teams are usually held in late January/February. 
  • In-house Teams are drafted in late February. 
  • Players are usually notified of their assigned Teams in early March. 
  • Team Schedules are generally released around mid-March (Bronco/Pony usually early April). 
  • Practices generally start around April 1st. 
  • Games for Bronco/Pony Divisions usually start around April 15th.  Games for our T-Ball, Instructional, Pinto and Mustang Leagues start around May 1st.  Games/Practices for our Colt and Palomino Leagues usually start the end of May (when High School Baseball ends). 
  • Games for most divisions generally end by the last Saturday in June. (Colt & Palomino generally by the last Saturday in July).

How Many Games are Played during the Spring Season?

Approximately 16 regular spring season games are played in all of our divisions (T-Ball/Instructional plays 12-16).  Older Divisions may play additional playoff games at the end of June.  Please note that having an odd number of teams may reduce the number of games played in a season.

What Days of the Week are Games & Practices Played On?  What Time?  Where?

Generally, all teams participate in about 2 events (practices or games) per week, one Saturday and one weeknights.  Depending on the age level, number of teams, weeks in the season and weather, there may be a few weeks there are 3 events in a week (one Saturday and two weekdays).  For weeknights, the WAA varies what days each of our teams play.  This allows our players who have other weekday specific commitments to still be able to participate in the majority of baseball activities.

Weeknight games/practices generally start at 6pm for our T-Ball, Instructional, Pinto & Mustang Divisions and 5:45pm for our Bronco, Pony, Colt & Palomino Divisions (these older division may also start at 5:30pm or 8:15pm).  Saturday game/practice times vary week to week, and generally are scheduled between 10am and 5pm (older divisions may start earlier and also participate in Saturday night games).

Our Instructional, Pinto and Mustang Divisions play all of their games in Woodridge against our other in-house teams.  Our Bronco, Pony and Colt Divisions are part of the Greater DuPage Pony Baseball Association (GDPBA) and will play home games in Woodridge and away games in nearby surrounding towns (i.e. Darien, Bolingbrook, Romeoville, etc.).  Our Palomino Division plays in the SWILA League with home games in Woodridge and away games in the greater surrounding area.


Playing Up / Playing Down... What is the WAA Policy for this?

It is the recommendation of the WAA, that every player participate in the division they are suppose to.  However, the WAA may allow a player to Play-Up, if they have the skill to do so and have a recommendation from the Division's Commissioner.  However, once they register to Play-Up, they may not at a later date decide to switch back to the lower age group. 

Under no circumstances may any player Play-Down in a division.  This is considered a liability for insurance purposes as well as from a safety standpoint and therefore is not allowed for any reason in any of our divisions.

The same goes for our Tournament Teams.  A Tournnament Team player may not play-down in age or division.  For example, if for the regular in-house season an 8 year old player has registered to play-up in the Mustang Division, that player may not play-down on the Pinto Division 8U Tournament Team.   That player could only try out for the Mustang Division 9U Tournament Team.

To determine your player's correct division based on their age click here.

What are Division-1 and Tournament Teams?

For our in-house players looking to play more competitive baseball we offer two additional options.

In our Bronco and Pony Leagues, we field Division-1 Teams that play against other elite teams of surrounding towns during the regular season (tryouts required, no additional cost).

In addition, we field Tournament Teams at the 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U and 14U age levels. Our Tournament Teams ("In-House All Stars") consist of elite in-house players that are looking to join a second, more intense and competitive team (tryouts required, additional cost required). Tournament Team Members, both players and coaches, are expected to put forth considerable time, effort and commitment beyond that for a typical regular season team. Our Tournament Teams will practice and play during the regular in-house season (usually on Sundays), to prepare them for Tournaments during the month of July.  All practices and some games will be played on our home fields, however the majority of games will be away games, played in the Chicagoland area.  The cost to play on a Tournament Team generally ranges from $60 to $140, which includes the uniform, and varies depending on the how many Tournaments the team enters.  Players who wish to extensively vacation with family, who have personal or academic restrictions, or who have other time-consuming commitments April through July are encouraged not to sign up for our Tournament Team Program.

All players interested in playing on either of these teams are strongly encouraged to attend all tryout sessions.  Tryouts are usually held in January/February for the spring season.

Can my child be placed on a team with one of his friends or for carpooling?

We try to discourage such requests, however in the T-Ball and Instructional Divisions they will be taken into consideration during the draft, but will not be guaranteed.  In all other divisions, these type of requests will generally not be honored.  All players are placed on teams by way of a player draft to try and balance the skill level of each team.  It makes the draft extremely difficult to accommodate these types of special requests.  However, special requests for siblings to play together will be honored in all divisions if so indicated on the players registration form.

If my child is unhappy with the team he/she has been placed on, can they switch teams?

Only in rare, extreme cases do we allow children to switch teams after the teams have been formed and only in cases where a parent does not want their child to play for the manager they have been assigned to.  Requests to play with/carpool with will not be accepted as a reason to switch teams.  Such requests must be made by parents in writing to the WAA Board of Directors with the reasons why they do not want their child to play for a certain manager.  After a review by the Board, a decision will be made and the affected parties will be notified.

Do I have to participate in the fundraiser?

Yes. It is extremely expensive to run our league and the only way we can keep our registration fees low is to have fundraisers.

Mail-In & Late Registrations How Do You Get Raffle Tickets?

Raffle Tickets For Mail-In & Late Registrations Must Be Picked Up At One of the WAA's Semi-Monthly Board Meetings.  Registration T-Shirts are not available for mail-in or late registrations, as they are only available on our walk-in registation dates.

The Woodridge Athletic Association Board meets once a month on the 1st Tuesday of the Month.  Board Meetings are held the Woodridge Park Distict Community Center.  For the time of the next scheduled Board Meeting, please visit our Events Calendar.

My car got damaged at a baseball field by an errant foul ball, anything I can do?

Baseball fields and parking lots are enter at your own risk.  We have insurance for players on the field of play actively participating only.

Baseball Field parking lots are just like parking lots at a shopping center or similar... damage to cars is the car owners responsibility.

Raffles Tickets?  What are these all about?

Each player participates in our WAA Fundraiser which is a raffle drawing.  During registration, each player receives their tickets and a portion of each player's registration fee goes towards prepaying for the raffle tickets.  As your child sells the tickets, you keep the funds raised, thus significantly reducing the price of enrollment.  Your raffle ticket stubs can then be turned in at Picture Day, which is usually held towards the end of April.   Raffle ticket stubs not turned in at Picture Day, must be turned in at a WAA Board meeting (usually the first Tuesday of the month), please check our events calendar for exact dates and times of the WAA Board Meetings.  Raffle ticket stubs can be turned in at the start of WAA Board Meetings until the raffle drawing date.  The drawing date varies each year, so check the raffle ticket stubs for the exact date.  

What are the Base Lengths & Pitching Mound Distance for the Different Levels?

The Base Lengths & Pitching Mound Distance for the different levels are as follows.

Level Age Base
Home Plate
to 2B
T-Ball 5 50 ft. 70' 8½" 38 ft.
Instructional 6/7 50 ft. 70' 8½" 38 ft.
Pinto 8 50 ft. 70' 8½" 38 ft.
Mustang 9/10 60 ft. 84' 10" 44 ft.
Bronco 11/12 70 ft. 99 ft. 48 ft.
Pony 13/14 80 ft. 113' 3" 54 ft.
Colt 15/16 90 ft. 127' 3" 60' 6"
Palomino 17-19 90 ft. 127' 3" 60' 6"
Tournament 8U 8 60 ft. 84' 10" 40 ft.
Travel 9U 9 60 ft. 84' 10" 46 ft.
Travel 10U 10 65 ft. 91' 11" 46 ft.
Travel 11U 11 70 ft. 99 ft. 48 ft.
Travel 12U 12 70 ft. 99 ft. 48 ft.
Travel 13U 13 80 ft. 113' 3" 54 ft.
Travel 14U 14 90 ft. 127' 3" 60' 6"
Travel 16U 15/16 90 ft. 127' 3" 60' 6"


What is the GDPBA?

The Greater DuPage Pony Baseball Association (GDPBA) is partnership of local neighboring communities to provide a competitive baseball experience for all of our players.  Some of the communities that are involved in the GDPBA are: Bolingbrook, Darien, Lemont, Romeoville and Woodridge.  The GDPBA offers games for players in the Bronco, Pony and Colt Leagues.

Each town can submit any number of teams to play in the league.  With a broader base of teams, the GDPBA can offer two divisions of play, Division-I and Division-II.  Division-I teams consist of top-notch players and therefore generally require tryouts for the team. Generally a town only submits one or maybe two Division-I teams.  The bulk of the league is made up of Division-II teams.

The purpose of the league is to continue to develop a lifelong love and respect for the great game of baseball.  Games will be competitively played, however, strong emphasis is placed on encouragement and continued skill development.  The GDPBA focuses on making the games a fun experience for players and parents alike.

For more information, you can visit the GDPBA website at www.gdpba.org.

Who do I contact if I have a problem that needs to be resolved by the league?

If at any time you have a general problem, comment, suggestion or just want information you may contact us here.  However we would like for you to first discuss any concerns with your child’s manager or with the Commissioner for your Division.  You are also welcome to contact the appropriate board member or attend a board meeting and express your concerns directly to the League's Board of Directors.

Coach Classifications... Manager, Assistant Coach, Volunteer?

Manager = Head Coach
Assistant Coach = Manager's Assistant Coaches (2nd String)
Volunteer = Extra Helpers to be used on an as-needed basis (3rd String).

Anyone who acts in a coaching-type role (manger, asst coach, volunteer, helper, etc.) for a team must complete a background check form every year.  Only those people who have completed a background check form are allowed to be on the field of play during games and practices and are allowed to interact with teams in a coaching-style role.

How is Pony Baseball different from Little League Baseball?

The primary features that distinguish Pony Baseball from Little League Baseball are the use of a two-year age bracket system and scaled diamonds.  In organizations such as Little League, players can differ by as much as three years within a division.  As a result, the younger players because of their lack of maturity, ability, and size find it hard to communicate with the older players.  Generally they find themselves spending a disproportionate amount of time on the bench and may feel disconnected from their team.  With players of only two ages involved, as is the case with Pony Baseball, it is far easier to permit every player to play more positions since the skill levels within the age group is not that wide.  The game of baseball cannot be played if the physical capability of the players does not match the physical achievements required for the game.  Little League uses two diamond sizes.  Up until age 12, players play on a 60-foot diamond, then they jump to 90-foot.  Pony Baseball, on the other hand, scales the size of their diamonds to match the physical capabilities of the players within each division.

The base dimensions for Pony Baseball are:

  • 50-foot bases for T-Ball (5 years old), Instructional (6-7 years old) and Pinto (8 years old)
  • 60-foot bases for Mustang (9-10 year old)
  • 70-foot bases for Bronco (11-12 year old)
  • 80-foot bases for Pony (13-14 year old)
  • 90-foot bases for Colt (15-16 years old) and Palomino (17-19 years old)

These base dimensions are the result of extensive experimentation to determine the size on which players of each age group can properly play the game of baseball.  Pitching distance is also scaled to the ability of the player in proportion to the size of the diamond. The scaled down diamonds allow the players to make the plays made by the major leaguers.

Home runs become a possibility. Outfielders can play in a position proportionately equal to that played by a major leaguer, and the double play, squeeze play, and various strategy tactics, difficult for adults and nearly impossible for youngsters on a full size diamond, become a probability rather than an impossibility.

For more information about Pony Baseball, you can visit their website at www.pony.org.

What is your refund policy?

For In-House Players:  As stated on our registration form, WAA will refund the registration fee, less the fundraiser fee and a $30 service charge, for any child withdrawing from the program before March 1st for the upcoming season.  No Refunds after this date for any reason (including but not limited to withdrawal, injury, suspension or expulsion).  To request a refund please contact us here.    Please note that Refund requests made to managers or other league contacts will not be honored.

For Travel/Part-Time Travel/Tournament Team Players:  No Refunds will be given at any time, for any reason (including but not limited to withdrawal, injury, suspension or expulsion).

Travel Baseball... Does Woodridge have Full-Time Travel Teams?

Yes, the WAA does offer Travel Baseball.  It is run under a subset organization of the WAA, called Woodridge Travel Baseball (WTB).  Currently the WTB fields 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U and 14U Teams.  Tryouts for these teams are generally held in July/August for the following spring season.  For more information, please visit the WTB website at www.WoodridgeTravelBaseball.org

Still have a question that has not been answered here?

Please feel free to contact us with your specific question.