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6U/7U/8U Sandlot Baseball Games

Please sign-up for the 6U/7U/8U Sandlot Game to be played weekly on Wednesday's starting 7/18/2018 at Sipley Field. The idea of this Sandlot Game is to keep our kids playing ball throughout the summer and have fun as well as advance their skills in preparation for next season. This game will be run by volunteers who have been background checked by the WAA. There will be 24 first come first serve slots per week. Sign-Ups for the next game will open the day after the Thursday game.

To play in this game you must:

  • Have registered in the WAA
  • Have played at the Pinto Level in the 2018 Season or will be transitioning from Instructional to Pinto in the 2019 season.
  • Plan to play Pinto ball in 2019

Modified Pinto rules:

  • Pinto Rules (please read)
  • Pitching rules TBD. Ideally this will be all kid pitch.
  • Kids can steal 2nd base
  • Coach Umpired
  • Need Batting Helmet w/Facemask
  • Still working out some details. May change a few things on the fly to see what works best. 


Sandlot Sign-Up


Are you interested in being a Manager Candidate for our 8U Bulldogs Full-Time Travel Team for the 2019 Season?  If so here is your opportunity!


We are seeking Manager Candidates for the following 2019 Team:

  • 8U Bulldogs Full-Time Travel Team for 2019
    Full-Time Travel Team with games April-July 2019
    Player Tryouts to be held July/August 2018.

To convey your interest, please complete our online Manager Application by June 15, 2018.

If you are interested in Managing, don't delay! 


Calling All Managers and Coaches


As part of our continued recognition of those who have volunteered their time this summer we would like to announce our 6th Annual Coaches End of Season Pickup Baseball Game!

On Friday, July 27, 2018 with a 7:05pm game start time, we will play a game of batting practice pitch baseball at our Orchard Complex.

To sign up you must have been a Manager, an Assistant Coach listed on the website, a Board Member or have the blessing from a Manager or Board Member stating that you made a significant contribution of time and effort to aid the league or your team.

Sign Up:
It’s easy, just click here and register for the game. Please also be sure to advise if you are able to pitch or catch as we will try to distribute these folks amongst the teams.

The Rules:
Wondering if you can still hit?  Don’t worry, this will be a batting practice pitch game with no "junk" allowed. This means fast balls only.  We will have an umpire to call balls and strikes however there will be no walks. Should a batter reach 4 balls, the pitcher will be required to pitch at a slower speed to induce a hit or strikeout. Players will rotate the field positions each inning.


The First 24 sign-ups will play in the game. After that, all sign-ups will be wait listed until we see if we can get a second game going.

Sign-Up here ASAP so we can start setting up teams!


Coaches Game

Thank you to everyone who participated in this years WAA Raffle. 

The Raffle Drawing was held on June 5th, 2018 and the following winners were picked. 

Congratulations to all of you!


Prize Winner
$1000 Rob Nowak
$500 Kristin Hild
$500 Vincent S. Genna
$500 Lilliana Radovanovic
$250 Lakdawala
$250 Cynthia M. Adams
$250 Mikosowksi
$250 Kindelin
$250 DiNaso
$250 9U Bulldogs - Potter
$250 Zasiebida
$250 Anderson
$250 Pettit
$250 Bartolomei

Checks will be mailed to the winners in the next couple of
weeks to the address listed on the ticket stub.  Congrats!

2018 Playoffs


Pinto & Mustang Playoffs start the week of June 16th  

Pinto Playoff Schedule

Mustang Playoff Schedule


Bronco & Pony Playoffs 

Please visit gdpba.org for details.





Tournament Schedules & Results



Mother's Day Classic
May 10-13th, 2018




Memorial Day Weekend
May 24th-28th, 2018










July Bang Bang Classic
June 28-July 1, 2018








July Classic
July 5-July 8, 2018




No link on the age group?  Then those schedules are not yet available!

Tournament Rules

Woodridge Bulldogs Tournaments



3 Games Guaranteed

Patched Umpires

Fields Re-Lined Between Games

Individual Player Awards for Winners

Tournament Dates Age Levels Cost †
Mother's Day Weekend May 10-13, 2018 14U $475
Memorial Day Weekend May 24-28, 2018 8U, 10U, 12U
Full At Age Levels: 9U, 11U, 13U, 14U
Bang Bang Classic June 28-July 1, 2018 No Openings Tournament Full
Full At Age Levels: 9U, 11U, 13U, 14U
July Classic July 5-8, 2018 12U $475


Early Bird Discount: $25 Discount Per Team, Per Tournament, If Paid by Dec 31st

† Additional Discount: Multiple Tournament Discount: $25 Discount Per Tournament for a Team Registering for Multiple Tournaments OR Organization Discount: $25 Discount Per Team For Multiple Teams Registering From Same Organization. Payment Must Be Received Together for the Multiple Tournament or Organization Discount to apply.


Questions?  Please Contact the Appropriate Age Group Tournament Director:


Jerry Bauer
9U: Josh Potter
10U: Dave Rapinchuk
11U: Paul Paluch
12U: Don Erickson
13U: Rich Sperando
(14U Memorial/Bang)  14U: Greg Arlt
(14U Mother's Day)  14U: Anthony Bryant


Woodridge is located in the Darien/Downers Grove Area, 2 miles North of the I-355 and I-55 interchange. Once exiting off I-355 our fields are within a 3 minute drive.


Registration Form


Pay Online with Credit Card



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2018 Baseball Season Bat Guidelines:  

  • Colt & Palomino  (ages 15-18)
    • Colt & Palomino players can only use BBCOR certified stamped bats [drop -3] or less.  
    • No BESR bats will be allowed.  
    • Wood bats with a barrel size of 2 5/8" or less are allowed.
  • Pony (ages 13-14)
    • Players must use a bat with a barrel size of 2 5/8" or less and it must be USA Baseball stamped or BBCOR stamped. 
    • There are no drop weight restrictions on USA Baseball stamped bats.
    • Bats with a barrel size of 2 3/4" will not be allowed.
    • Wood bats with a barrel size of 2 5/8" or less are allowed.
  • Bronco (ages 11-12)
    • Players must use a bat with a barrel size of 2 5/8" or less and it must be USA Baseball stamped or BBCOR stamped. 
    • There are no drop weight restrictions on USA Baseball stamped bats.
    • Bats with a barrel size of 2 3/4" will not be allowed.
    • Wood bats with a barrel size of 2 5/8" or less are allowed.
  • Mustang (ages 9-10)
    • Mustang players can use any bat with a barrel size of 2 5/8" or less. 
    • There are no drop weight restrictions.
    • Bats with a barrel size of 2 3/4" will not be allowed.
    • Wood bats with a barrel size of 2 5/8" or less are allowed.
  • Pinto & Instructional
    • Barrel size of bats must not be greater than 2 1/4".  No Big Barrel Bats Allowed.
    • There are no drop weight restrictions.




  • What is the barrel size of a typical Little League Bat?
    • The standard barrel size is 2 1/4".  
  • What is a Big Barrel Bat?
    • A big barrel bat, sometimes also referred to as a Senior League Bat, is generally any bat with a barrell size greater than 2 1/4".   Big Barrell Bats typically have a barrell diameter of 2 5/8" or 2 3/4".
  • Which is the newer standard: BBCOR or BESR?
    • BBCOR is the newer standard and has been adopted by all High School Baseball Programs.  All BBCOR bats are drop -3.
  • Which is the newer stamp standard: USA Baseball or BPF 1.15?
    • The USA Baseball stamp is newer and implemented for the 2018 season.

The WAA does not offer a Fall Baseball Program.  If you are interested in Fall Baseball, you can try Bolingbrook, Downers Grove, or Burr Ridge as they generally have fall baseball programs.


Registration for the WAA 2019 Spring/Summer Baseball Season will begin in January 2019.

During the 2016 PONY International Board of Directors meeting, a decision was reached to change the date for determining player eligibility from April 30 to August 31.

Since many surrounding towns are following the PONY age cutoff rule and this affects our involvement in the GDPBA, the WAA Board has voted to change the age cutoff in order to be consistent with the baseball programs in the area. The rule change will take effect at the start of the 2018 WAA Baseball season.

The PONY decision was reached after careful consideration of input from leagues, parents, coaches and other sources important in the decision-making process.

By making our program younger, all players will be competing on a level playing field. This change will ensure all WAA participants will play in their true age group and grade-level.

Please use our age calculator to determine your players age level for the 2018 season.

Link Your Team's Schedule to your Google Calendar, iPhone Calendar, iCal Calendar or any other iCal format Compatible Calendar


Google Calendar iPhone Calendar iCal Calendar



As your team's schedule changes on our website, your calendar program will re-sync and keep everything updated on your Personal Calendar (please note it may take 24 hours for the sync to occur depending on your calendar program --- Google Calendar generally syncs every 12-24 hours on externally linked calendars).

To link to your team's schedule, simply login to our website and on your My Home Page under your My Players Section select the Link/Export Team Schedules link. Never logged in to our website, if so then click here for more info on what you are missing as well as new user login information.

Think you know all the Baseball Rules?  

Check Out these Questions to test your knowledge of the game!

We bet you won't get them all right!


Click Here for the Questions


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Found Something?

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To enjoy the most significant benefits of our website you need to login!  Everyone who is registered this season (Parents, Managers, Coaches, etc.), has access to the "login protected" side of the website.  To access, a family had to provide an email address on their registration form.  If an email was supplied, you can go to our Login page and click on the link Retrieve User Name & Password.  If an email wasn't provided to us, you can still follow the links on the login page for help in getting your email added to our system.  You do not need to login to view team schedules, stats or basic roster information.

Depending on your pre-determined security access level (Parent, Manager, Commissioner, etc.), you will have varying levels of access to protected areas of the website.  After logging in, one can expect to see more detailed and customized information for their players and assigned teams.  For instance, you will be able to view more detailed roster information for your team, view and request changes to your family information and if you have more than one player registered with us, you will be able to view Combined Schedules for multiple players!  Managers, can view detailed roster information, request open timeslots and request changes to roster information.



For a complete list of our Sponsors, please visit our Sponsor Listings Page

Are you receiving all the emails sent by the league or are they winding up in your Spam/Junk Mail Folders?  If they are an easy way to avoid that is to add our email address to your address book.  All emails generated by the league will come from:

So please add this email address to your address book or contact list today!


The Woodridge Athletic Association is Currently Seeking Additional Board Members and Volunteers To Help Prepare for the Upcoming Season.

Wondering how you can make a difference?

Do you have new and exciting ideas to share?

If so, then join the WAA Board!

With more than 450 players, 10 different leagues, in-house, tournament and travel options our organization is constantly growing!

To keep our Association progressing and running strong, WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW!

What does it involve?

Meetings are held once a month on the 1st Tuesday of the Month at the Woodridge Park District Community Center.  They are scheduled for the evenings, and usually last about an hour and a half.

Board members are assigned with various responsibilities, and are matched with their area of interest or skill.  No experience necessary!

A Love of the Game & Our Kids
Come and share your ideas and experiences to help keep Woodridge on the cutting edge of youth baseball!  No Experience Necessary to Volunteer, just a desire to better our program and enrich our kids.

For More Information On How You Can Volunteer, You can either:


The Woodridge Athletic Association is a 100% Volunteer Run Non-Profit 501c(3) Organization.

Have a question?  Checkout our FAQ's Page!

Here is sample of some of the questions answered:

  • What Does the WAA Supply?
  • When is Registration?  When are Teams Picked?  When do Practices and Games Start?
  • How Many Games are Played during the Spring Season?
  • What Days of the Week are Games & Practices Played On?  What Time?  Where?
  • Playing Up / Playing Down... What is the WAA Policy for this?
  • What are Division-1 and Tournament Teams?
  • Can my child be placed on a team with one of his friends?
  • Do I have to participate in the fundraiser?
  • If my child is unhappy with the team he/she has been placed on, can they switch teams?
  • What is the GDPBA?
  • Who do I contact if I have a problem that needs to be resolved by the league?
  • How is Pony Baseball different from Little League Baseball?
  • Travel Baseball... Does Woodridge have Full-Time Travel Teams?

Click Here for All the Answers!

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Today's Team Events - 6/19/2018

Today's Schedule - Tuesday 6/19/2018

Division Date Day Time Visitor Home Field Type Status Ump1 Ump2
6/19/2018Tuesday6:00PPracticepiBrewersJefferson 1 NWPracticeTBP  
6/19/2018Tuesday6:00PpiRed SoxpiYankeesMeadowviewGameTBPMarrsEJonesM
6/19/2018Tuesday5:45PTBDbrYankees63rd St.GameTBP  
6/19/2018Tuesday6:00PPracticebrCubsJefferson 2 SWPracticeTBP  
6/19/2018Tuesday4:30PPracticepoMuckdogsHobson 2PracticeTBP  
6/19/2018Tuesday7:45PBolingbrookpaRed WingsJanes 1 SWGameTBPOF(P)UOF(P2)U
6/19/2018Tuesday5:45PtrBulldogs 11U1st Round - WSBL PlayoffsTBDGameCancelled  
6/19/2018Tuesday5:45PtrBulldogs 10UWarrenville Cyclone GameTBP  
6/19/2018Tuesday5:45PFury Wsbl PlayofftrBulldogs 14U BlackJanes 1 SWGameTBPOF(P)U 
6/19/2018Tuesday5:45PPractice 5:30-7:00pmtrBulldogs 09UOrchard 2PracticeTBP  
6/19/2018Tuesday6:00PPracticetrBulldogs 10UHobson 2PracticeCancelled  
6/19/2018Tuesday7:45PWheatland Ducks GreentrBulldogs 11UOrchard 2GameTBPOF(P)U 
6/19/2018Tuesday7:45PTBDtrBulldogs 13UOrchard 3GameCancelledOF(P)U 
6/19/2018Tuesday5:45PTBDzReservedGdpbaOrchard 3GameTBP  
6/19/2018Tuesday6:00PPinto Playoffs MuzReservedGoodrichGameTBP  
6/19/2018Tuesday6:00PMust Playoffs MuzReservedSipleyGameTBP  
Legend:   TBP=To Be Played   in=Instructional   pi=Pinto   mu=Mustang   br=Bronco   po=Pony   co=Colt   pa=Palomino   to=Tournament   tr=Travel   fa=Fall   View Entire Team Schedules

Tomorrow's Team Events - 6/20/2018

Tomorrow's Schedule - Wednesday 6/20/2018

Division Date Day Time Visitor Home Field Type Status Ump1 Ump2
6/20/2018Wednesday5:45PMustang-YankeesMustang-YankeesOrchard 2GameTBP  
6/20/2018Wednesday6:00PinWhite SoxinPiratesEdgewoodGameTBP  
6/20/2018Wednesday6:00PPinto Playoffs G3piBrewersMeadowviewGameTBPMcNultyDCunninghamB
6/20/2018Wednesday5:45PmuGiantsmuYankeesOrchard 2GameTBPRoddyJJonesM
6/20/2018Wednesday7:45PTBDpoMuckdogsOrchard 3GameTBPOF(P)U 
6/20/2018Wednesday7:45PWestchester BluecoStormJanes 1 SWGameTBPOF(P)U 
6/20/2018Wednesday5:45PpaEmeraldsRomeovilleRomeoville CenturyGameTBP  
6/20/2018Wednesday5:30PtrBulldogs 08UFrankfort Force - ILTBLFrankfort Square Union Creek #3GameTBP  
6/20/2018Wednesday5:45PtrBulldogs 13UPlainfield Raiders (Scrimmage)TBD, Plainfield, Il.GameTBP  
6/20/2018Wednesday5:45PtrBulldogs 11U1st Round - WSBL PlayoffsTBDGameCancelled  
6/20/2018Wednesday5:45PPracticetrBulldogs 11U63rd St.PracticeTBP  
6/20/2018Wednesday5:45PNaperville Renegades IltbltrBulldogs 14U BlackJanes 1 SWGameTBPOF(P)U 
6/20/2018Wednesday5:45PTBDtrBulldogs 12UOrchard 3GameTBPOF(P)U 
6/20/2018Wednesday6:00PPracticetrBulldogs 09UHobson 2PracticeTBP  
6/20/2018Wednesday7:45PTBDtrBulldogs 10UOrchard 2GameTBPOF(P)U 
6/20/2018Wednesday6:00PPinto Playoffs MuzReservedGoodrichGameTBP  
Legend:   TBP=To Be Played   in=Instructional   pi=Pinto   mu=Mustang   br=Bronco   po=Pony   co=Colt   pa=Palomino   to=Tournament   tr=Travel   fa=Fall   View Entire Team Schedules

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